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installing alfresco v2 with JBoss

Question asked by seraphon on Jun 8, 2007

my problems is just like the title says.
I ve gone to the wiki page
and done exactly what it says but it doesnt work.
I ve already explained and described some of my problem in

I m doing this in a new topic so that the title suit the subject more.
Anyways from what I ve done so far I can say that the JBoss server is running finely (it at least LOOK like its running fine) but it doesnt find alfresco thus the message when I go to
description The requested resource (/alfresco) is not available.

Anyone has an idea of where my problem comes from?
Or does anyone have an alfrescov2 with JBoss working, and installed it in a different way than the one described in the wiki page.

Any help will be appreciated