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Email configuration with SMTP

Question asked by qasimh on Jun 8, 2007

I'm using Alfresco CE 2.0, on Windows Server 2003 and Tomcat.

Email has been configured and it appears to be working fine.  However, all email notifications sent by Alfresco always get filtered as Junk mail for all of my users.

For example:  John, with email address invites Bill, with email address    Bill gets the notification from "" but it silently ends up in the junk mail.

According to the IT folks here, they say that the emailing strategy used by Alfresco resembles "spoofing".  i.e. the from address added to the message does not match the details of the SMTP connection used to send the email.  Hence, the mail server flags it as spam mail.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
How did you guys resolve it?