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Executing Content Rule after Inbound/Outbound/Delete Action

Question asked by alr on Sep 9, 2008

I am currently playing around with content rules. Is it possible, that Content Rules are executed after the action has been done, i.e. after a file has been deleted (on an outbound content rule)? I am currently executing a script, which scans the same space, the deleted file is in, and updates a file corresponding to the contents. The problem is, that while scanning the content is always still available in the space.

I could circumvent this, by running three different scripts on inbound/outbound/update (and an slightly adapted logic). However, just running them after the content has been removed/added/updated in the space is so much easier and I would not create duplicate code - though this is my current workaround now. is another topic I guess as I could not see such possibilities when adding a content rule in the web frontend.

As usual thanks for any help.