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parallel wf: how to get users in a space with a given role

Question asked by stickman on Sep 9, 2008
I'm trying to create a parallel workflow where the assignees for one of the tasks are all the users who have a given role in a space, so I need to get that list somehow.

I can't find a function in Javascript API that does that, and in the Java API I found the PermissionService class but it doesn't seem to have any method that does it.

I'm sure someone has done that before.

If it helps, I'm gonna try to explain my problem… I want to assign users to spaces with the reviewer and publisher roles (that I added), and attach a workflow through JS to the space so it gets executed each time a document goes in. Each space can have different reviewers (several of them) and one publisher.

I think it makes sense to have a generic workflow for this task since it will work for any space.

Thanks for your help!