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trouble getting content up on both sides of Alfresco

Question asked by gendhar on Sep 9, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2008 by pmonks
We are having trouble getting content to show up on both sides of our Alfresco setup.
  - Alfresco 3.0.0 (schema 128)
  - Geographically separated Oracle 10g databases in which our Alfresco schema is eing replicated via Oracle streams
  - Geographically separated Alfresco application servers running Tomcat 6.0

We had planned to sync up the content store directories of the Alfresco applications running at each location using RSYNC.
One assumption here is tht the Lucene Indexes should not be replicated in that fashion.

The index.recovery.mode=AUTO and we have tried turning on the index tracking cron from within the file.

Thus far in testing, the only time we are ever able to see a new document that was created at one location from the other location is following a content RSYNC AND a Tomcat restart with inde.recovery.mode=FULL.

Is it necessary to sync up the L2 Cashes as well using ehcache-custom.xml? We had hoped to avoid a large amount of network traffic between locations.

Has anyone ever had these issue?  We have been searching but cannot find this particular issue for anyone, at least not that we can find.  Any information/answer would be very much appreciated!