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Question asked by samuel.penn on Sep 10, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2008 by steventux
Hi all,

What I would like to be able to do in WCM, is create pages which are derived from the content of the entire site. For example, a "recentnews.html" which contains a list of the most recent news articles. Currently, the easiest way to do this seems to be to have a web form for news articles, with two rendition templates - one for the news article itself, and a second which creates the "recentnews.html" file by calling parseXMLDocuments() to find the list of all news articles.

This works fine if there's one user of the system. Each time a news article is created or updated, the recentnews.html is updated automatically. Which is good.

With multiple users however, it breaks, since the recentnews.html becomes locked as soon as the first user makes a change, and other users can't change the version in their sandbox (and get errors if they create/edit a news article because one of the rendition targets is locked).

Is there any way of marking a page as being derived from other content, and therefore shouldn't be locked - effectively each sandbox has its own version.

Failing that, is there another way of achieving this goal (in Alfresco 2.2)? Methods I can thing of:
  * Define a recentnews web form, and have users manually refresh it.
  * Have the page dynamically generated each time it is viewed, but this could be slow, especially since there will probably be lots of them (navigation bars and the like have the same problem).

I guess this post is as much a 'wish list' as it is a 'how do I?'. If there was a way to generate such derived content from events which are fired when a sandbox changes, then again that could be useful.