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Null pointer during CIFS access (Alfresco 3 Dev)

Question asked by strinchero on Sep 10, 2008
i'have got a NullPointerException accessing an alfresco 3 labs via cifs.
I tracked it to be caused by PseudoFileImpl.isPseudoFile(SrvSession sess, TreeConnection tree, String path), line 89:

if ( actions.getActionViaPseudoName( paths[1]) != null)

This assumes paths[1] != null, wich is not true if the requested path is '\'.
I modified it to check for null before inoking getActionViaPseudoName:
if ( paths[1] != null && actions.getActionViaPseudoName( paths[1]) != null)

This made the expection disappear, but has the effect never marking '\' as a PseudoFile. I assumed this to be correct, i'm right ?

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