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Unrecognizable code when inline editing

Question asked by shawnhy on Jun 13, 2007
Hello all,
I am using Alfresco 2.0 build-23 with Orical express to test on Windows xp system. I encounter a trouble about inline editing.

When I compose a plain text file with Chinese Content and save it as ANSI format, the content will become unrecognisable code when inline edit. :P  O.k, it is not strange because I HAVE to save it as UTF-8 format. However, unfortunately, the default format of Windows XP is ANSI. How can I help? :roll:

This is what I see when inline editing a  ANSI txt.

Editing a UTF-8 txt file is all ok.

I also try inline editing a .odt file and get the same result. It's very frustrating. :twisted:

Is there any sulution here? I have searched through the forum. Please help.

I further tryed inline editing a html with Chinese using "charset=utf-8" metadata but doesn't help, not to speak of <chartset=big5>.


I think it is a crritical issue because I can't control what format of document my users are uploding. Many thanks for your help.