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Copy item to a specific space with all items does also copy

Question asked by r.vanderknaap on Jun 13, 2007
When you apply the content rule “copy item to a specific space” selected on “all Items” Alfresco copies “all Items” tot the destination space.
If you do a check out and a check in on a document Alfresco creates temporarily documents, (example: <document>(Working Copy).doc”,  “~$st <document> (Working Copy).doc” and “~WRL0002.tmp”.)
These items are also copied to the destination space. After checking in the document the items are automatically deleted from the space you’re checking out and in the document, but all copies of these document stay in the destination space.
This creates a lot of extra content in the destination space.

Does someone know how to solve this?

I already raised a issue in Jira!