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Question asked by dharmapurikar on Sep 11, 2008

We are using Alfresco to manipulate the document properties after saving the document. We use webscripts to locate the document node and update the properties so that we can refer it to later. As part of our custom namespace we have following properties specified. Except "myns:display-name" all the remaining properties are boolean values.

Following is the JavaScript code snippet used in the webscripts to update the properties. Following are just subset of the properties on the document, in all about 25-30 properties will be available on specialized document node.["myns:part-of-abc-lineup"] = isPartOfabc;["myns:part-of-evening-pack"] = isPartOfeveningPack;["myns:part-of-early-heard"] = isPartOfEarlyheard;["myns:should-finalise-model"] = shouldFinaliseModel;["myns:display-name"] = displayName || "";;

The above call is taking about 10 seconds consistently. This is killing the performance of the application. To just give you more details for analysis -

OS Used: Linux RHEL 5 (64-bit)
JVM: 1.5
Alfresco Version: 2.1.0 (Community edition)
Size of the repository: 5 GB
Number of documents in the space where document is saved: 5000 (documents, folders etc)
Concurrent users: For testing we used system in isolation

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong here?