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Create multilingual content

Question asked by theaterofthought on Sep 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2010 by dcmg

I'm trying to create some multilingual content using the webservices. In order to do that I try to follow what's the MultiLingualContentServiceImpl is doing using the RepositoryWebService.

I'm blocked when trying to create a mlContainer.

I send a message to the update operation of the RepositoryWebService.
When the message contains a "create" for the mlContainer with some properties (a locale and a name), 2 add aspects (versionable and localized), 1 AddChild (add a mlTranslation child to the mlContainer) I get an IllegalArgumentException "The pivot translation must be an existing translation".

When I try to workaround the problem sending a message containing a "create" for the mlContainer without properties,), 2 add aspects (versionable and localized), 1 AddChild (link to an mlTranslation) and an "update" for the mlContainer (setting a locale and a name) I get an AlfrescoRuntimeException "failed to execute transaction level behaviour public abstract void org.alfresco.repo.node.NodeServicePolicies$OnAddAspectPolicy".

Are there any samples to create multilingual content using webservices or any ideas how to proceed?

Thank you.