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Advanced search only to show properties of selected doctype

Question asked by alexr on Sep 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2009 by nikes
In Alfresco 2.2 Enterprise the advanced search properties shown are not filtered by a selection of a specific doctype/contenttype.
In other words if you have a 100 doctypes with each a set of 10 doctype specific properties, you will still see all 1000 properties
instead of the 10 related to the selected doctype. I know a 1000 properties is a bit over the top, but even if you have like 50 properties
to scroll throuhg, where you would have expected to see only 10 is hard to explain to an end-user.

I have seen on JIRA that an issue was raised in January 2008:

Will this be fixed/changed in Alfresco 3 Labs (definitive version) and Alfresco 3 Enterprise?