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creation of a list of user using a file

Question asked by seraphon on Jun 14, 2007

Here is my question:
Is there a way to implement an option that makes it possible to create a functionality that let alfresco read, Through a java script maybe, a file where is described a list of users.
It would be something like an option in the Manage system users
"create from a list"
then it gives you the choice to import or just read a file in your computer and thus create users one after another in order to gain time.
All that is needed, is for someone to make a list in a particular way.

If its impossible could you please just tell me how do I add a new creation option beside the "create user" option.
In the same logic I want to add an option somewhere that let you do a list of contents to delete. Instead of deleting one at a time always having the message asking if you really want to delete, it would be good to have something looking like the create rule wizard, a chose content list and a add to list button.
Could you please tell me what section of the wiki I should look at if this is possible?