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Implement search user sandbox

Question asked by koolalfdev on Sep 12, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2009 by nvsreeram
Hello Everyone,

I want to get the links to news articles that a user creates from  a user sandbox not staging sandbox; based on the most recent creation and expiration dates and types of news article (for example main headline and sub headline). Thus, I took the lucene route but,  I came accross wcm search wiki at and it seems that the indexing updates in a users sandbox is triggered only after specific actions. I have made the following changes to configuration file: public-services-context.xml but if does not seem to be working (the user sandboxe's lucene index) here is the bean definition:
<bean id="avmSnapShotTriggeredIndexingMethodInterceptor" class="">
        <property name="avmService">
            <ref bean="avmService" />
        <property name="indexerAndSearcher">
            <ref bean="avmLuceneIndexerAndSearcherFactory" />
        <property name="enableIndexing">
        <property name="defaultMode">
        <property name="indexingDefinitions">

I would really if I can get some suggestions for implementing the above mentioned functionality. I am also fine not going the lucene way if there can be a better way to implement the functionality. Kindly let me the options. I would really appreciate it and be grateful.