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User Search Bug -> Lucene problem?

Question asked by albertomv on Sep 12, 2008
Hi, I have a very strange problem that I am not able to discover its cause:

I have a bunch of users created. They are Spanish names (i.e, the lastName attribute is in fact two surnames). The locale I use is es_ES. I have a user named "joan costas sinte", being firstName "joan" and lastName "costas sinte". When I search for "costa" everything goes ok and I get in the results that user. But when I search for "costas" or "sinte" I get an empty result set. It seems that it has something to do whit the string "s " (the character 's' plus a space) or with lastName's ending with 's'.

I really don't know if it an issue from Lucene indexes, (Spanish)analysers, (Spanish)stemmers, (Spanish)stop words or any other thing. I have tried to debug, to log, to set the index.recovery.mode to FULL… but I can't find the root of this difference in the behaviour of the search service.

Any suggestion? I am using Community Edition, version 2.1

Thanks in advance