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Integrating WCM, Webapp with a workflow

Question asked by on Jun 14, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2007 by kvc
We're planning to test a demo website with the following functionality and I'd appreciate if anyone can give me pointers for a head start

(Alfresco WCM 2.0.1)

1) The sample website is a basic crud based site, say with 4 pages of tabbed data containing fields in each tab. For simplicity lets call it a bookstore website.
2) There is no database for the webapp
3) We plan to model the data completely in Alfresco webforms (xsds) and let the webapp load the xmls via a service call. (simple xpath parsing).

Implementing the above is fine, however here is the problem once we need to edit on the webapp front

We want to send content posted from a form within our public facing web application into the Alfresco WCM repository AND trigger a workflow that would require an Alfresco user to review that content before it is published.

We have been advised that functionality to support the notion of a “drop box”, exposed via CIFS, is not support in the WCM product. We are running 2.0.1E. Is there an alternative method to accomplish this?  Also, I've heard the Monitoring API and workflow is present in document manager but not yet in WCM. Is that true? If not, how do I achieve the above functionality? Is there an API, Documentation available?