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Ubuntu and Alfresco CIFS Problem

Question asked by pverma on Jun 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2007 by kevinr

I'm facing a problem when trying to access the \\host-name_a\ folder from a windows box, when the Alfresco server is running on a Ubuntu Dapper machine. The problem I get is that a windows dialog pops up with the username set to localhost\guest. the username field is grayed out and cannot be changed. On entering any password and pressing 'OK', the dialog pops up once again..and so on.

Here is how I set up Alfresco on Ubuntu Dapper after disabling the SAMBA server on the machine:
a)Install Alfresco
b)Run Alfresco once as root
c)Change file-servers.xml and add 'domain="WORKGROUP"' in the host name element
d)restart Alfresco as root.

Any pointers are appreciated!