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ContentUtils and NTLM Authentication

Question asked by alarocca on Jun 15, 2007
Dear sirs,

I have Alfresco 2.0 Community authenticating by NTLM. In order to allow users, when receiving new document notifications, to open it by clicking the url within the email without having to provide credentials, I added the DownloadContentServlet (
) as url-pattern for the authentication filter. This worked as expected. User who already authenticated can get the file seamless.

Unfortunately this stopped my webservice client to work. Indeed, trying to get a content (ContentUtils.getContentAsInputStream) the web service returns the 500 error code. I guess it uses the DownloadContentServlet to retrieve the content and NTLM authentication stop it. No luck even adding the ticket to the url.

Finally, if I remove the DownloadContentServlet from the authentication filters I can retrieve contents successfully.

Any hints?

Best regards,