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Alfresco Web Studio

Question asked by uzi on Sep 13, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by ivanmiha
Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know the latest news on Alfresco Web Studio.
I've recently added a Wiki page on it here:

Alfresco Web Studio is the visual design piece of what was formerly known as ADW (Dynamic Website).  It's the graphical front-end with all of the drag-and-drop page assembly things in it.  It now runs entirely on the Surf platform.  In fact, most of Surf was derived from ADW and then fortified by Alfresco engineering so that it nicely incorporates the Alfresco Web Script runtimes and Freemarker tranformation engines.

The good news is that we're hard at work on the UI now and will have it available to the community as quickly as we can.  However, the visual UI will not be part of 3.0.  We do, however, expect that it will follow on soon after that.

I think we'll be able to show it off a bit at the upcoming community conferences as well.  Lots of good stuff in the works!