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Regeneration of forms locks content

Question asked by samuel.penn on Sep 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2010 by janv
I've just run into the problem reported here:

As admin, with no content currently modified, I regenerated the renditions for a form in a web project. The renditions were updated correctly, but now they are all locked by the admin user. The .xml form data isn't locked - just the .jsp renditions. There is still nothing listed under modified content.

Other than editing each item of content in turn and pushing out the edits through the workflow (which would muck up the rss list of recently modified content), or possibly writing a script to unlock everything (which is nasty), I can't find anyway of removing the lock from these files. Does any else have other workarounds?

This is on Alfresco 2.1 with MySQL.