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jump to the beginning of the page after 'add to list'

Question asked by viola on Sep 15, 2008

we have created a custom content model with several properties which are "<multiple>true</multiple>".
in the metadata input page the values for these properties are added via the "add to list" button.

now, when we enter something to one of these fields with the "add to list", the value is added correctly to the value list - but after that the browser jumps back to the beginning of the page and we have to scroll down to the field in question.

as our model is quite long, this fact is quite annoying. :)

does anyone know where this comes from and/or what we can do to avoid it?

we work with the versions
- Community Network - v2.9.0 (B 683),
- Labs - v3.0.0 (a 1032) and
- Labs - v3.0.0 (b 1164)"
on different installations.