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Problems wit WCM :(

Question asked by windwail on Jun 18, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by knulp39
I'm new to Alfresco cms, so before do any development on it, i want to understand it as user. So i downloaded alfresco adn WCM boundles ( .exe files) and installed them… first i installed alfresco, then run it, stop, then setup WCM module, it goes ok.
Then i run alfresco again (from link in my desktop). Ok. Everything is fine.
Then i downloaded "Alfresco 2.0 Web Content Management Product Evaluation Guide" and started to follow instructions. I've made all, what described there… but have some problems in "Importing the Sample Dynamic Website" chapter…
I successfully import alfresco-sample-website.war, and everything is look like pictures in manual… but when i try click the Preview Website action in the upper-right-hand corner to preview the site - it tries to open this link
so, i have problem loading this page, it doesnt exist…
Can u say me, what is this link? May be i must run another instance of tomcat in 8180 port ? What goes wrong, i've made all steps from manual….