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Error with derby db

Question asked by thomas91 on Sep 16, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2008 by thomas91

my alfresco hang up during using the web client. Restarting Alfresco results in the following errors:

1:42:24,658 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] Context initialization failed
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Failed to start database 'alf_data/derby_data/alfresco', see the next exception for details.
Caused by: ERROR XSDB6: Another instance of Derby may have already booted the database /opt/alfresco/alf_data/derby_data/alfresco.

What processes do I have to kill to solve the problem?:
smitty-op:/opt/alfresco # lsof -i
portmap    2104   nobody    3u  IPv4    5298       UDP *:sunrpc
portmap    2104   nobody    4u  IPv4    5301       TCP *:sunrpc (LISTEN)
slpd       2111   daemon    6u  IPv4    5289       TCP localhost:svrloc (LISTEN)
slpd       2111   daemon    7u  IPv4    5290       TCP (LISTEN)
slpd       2111   daemon    8u  IPv4    5291       UDP
slpd       2111   daemon    9u  IPv4    5305       UDP SVRLOC.MCAST.NET:svrloc
slpd       2111   daemon   10u  IPv4    5322       UDP
slpd       2111   daemon   11u  IPv4    5323       UDP
zmd        2210     root    5u  IPv4    5518       TCP localhost:novell-zen (LISTEN)
sshd       2252     root    3u  IPv4    5619       TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)
master     2331     root   11u  IPv4    5953       TCP *:smtp (LISTEN)
java       9062     root  294u  IPv4 1338460       TCP *:50500 (LISTEN)
java       9062     root  295u  IPv4 1338461       TCP *:53618 (LISTEN)
java      13844     root   47u  IPv4 1363144       TCP *:http-alt (LISTEN)
java      13844     root  311u  IPv4 1363174       TCP *:45926 (LISTEN)
java      13844     root  372u  IPv4 1363224       UDP *:netbios-ns
java      13844     root  373u  IPv4 1363229       TCP *:microsoft-ds (LISTEN)
java      13844     root  374u  IPv4 1363230       TCP *:netbios-ssn (LISTEN)
java      13844     root  375u  IPv4 1363231       TCP (LISTEN)
sshd      29003     root    3u  IPv4 1256299       TCP>localhost:41266 (ESTABLISHED)
httpd2-pr 30559     root    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
sshd      30564     root    3u  IPv4 1008957       TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
httpd2-pr 32051   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd2-pr 32052   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd2-pr 32053   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd2-pr 32054   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd2-pr 32055   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd2-pr 32455   wwwrun    4u  IPv4  383351       TCP *:http (LISTEN)