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Custom space views

Question asked by marincatalin on Sep 16, 2008
I want to create another type of space (done so far), but I want to have special actions and special views in this space type , something similar to the forum space type, more specifically I want to create a space that hosts useful links, in this space the user will be able to add a content type called link that requires a title and an url, the content it''s represented by a small image that represents graphically the link (for example, to add a link to the call center I upload a small image of a phone, I choose content type Link , I enter the url and the title, ) when the user enters this kind of space he can see the titles of the links preceded by the uploaded image.
My problem consists of not knowing how to redirect the view to something called linkview.jsp (instead of browse.jsp) when the user enters a "Links" space type.