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Training project - Knowledge Base tool

Question asked by mhilaire on Sep 16, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2009 by mialfresco
Hello !

I'm a student at the computing university of La Rochelle, and during my school training the 4 last months, i developped a Knowledge Base for the company Irium (at La Rochelle, in France)
I just finished my training project in the company and wanted to show you what i did in 4 months (6 weeks of whom to analyze).
I used webscripts and policies to manage my own type of documents. Then i created the User Interface with the Javascript framework ExtJS as in the project Opsoro.
The goal of my project, was to help different customer of Irium to use their software.The support of Irium, help me to define different type of document such as FAQ that they will write.The sheet are html file, which can contain one or more attachments (any kind of file).

You can test this application on this URL : (for my User Interface) (for Alfresco WebClient)

I made 3 different account :
log : editor, mdp: editor (to publih sheet as FAQ …)
log : customer1, mdp : customer1 (to read every published sheet)
log:customer, mdp : customer (to read ONLY published FAQ or HowTo)

(If the server is down you can see the video at this url, there are french doc too (use case …))

With the company, we wanted to help the community, all my source code are under GPL licence, but i prefer to edit name of groups use in the company before sharing the source.

Please tell me what you think about it, you can ask me any questions or remark