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delete the user´s data

Question asked by alfredomuã±ozcobisa on Jun 19, 2007
I have problems removing users.
Say, I have a user whom I removed, then  I create the same user again but with other Home. Same data, different Home.

Whenenver I try to retrieve the user's path, with the method beneath, it returns me the old user [the one I removed previously] Home instead of the actual one.

public String findPathUserHome(String usuario)throws GestorDocumentalException{
   Administracion adm = new AdministracionAlfresco();
   User ua=adm.getUser(usuario);
   String idHome=ua.getHome().substring(ua.getHome().lastIndexOf('/')+1);      
   Document pathHome=findById(idHome);
   return pathHome.getPath();

How can I properly delete the user's data?

I'm performing the deletion via Alfresco's administration console.