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Extend user privileges

Question asked by tqu on Jun 20, 2007

I'm working on a way to extend the user privileges in order to grant access to files although the user, regarding the ACLs / inherited permission, isn't suppose to have access to those files. I didn't know how to say it in a different way  :roll:

The goal is to grant particular users access to all the files in their department even though the "inherit permission" isn't set.

I had a look at the permissionDefinitions.xml and found out that it's possible to grant globalPermission to an authority. But in that case they would have access to all nodes.
Now my question is: can anybody tell me about a way to grant access to files a user generally wouldn't have access to, because "inherit permission" is turned off and no ACL for that user / group exists.

I hope you understand my problem  :D. If you don't: feel free to ask…