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cannot sync gruop info from ldap to Alfresco

Question asked by ergoldeturone on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by lakshya
I am using alfresco-labs-tomcat-3a.1032…..

In my ldap I have 2 groups and some users in them.
If i log as admin and go to "Manage User Groups", I can see only groups but cannot find any user in them !!!!
Is it a feature or a bug ?

this is my

# This properties file is used to configure LDAP syncronisation

# The query to find the people to import

# The search base of the query to find people to import
# The attribute name on people objects found in LDAP to use as the uid in Alfresco

# The attribute on person objects in LDAP to map to the first name property in Alfresco

# The attribute on person objects in LDAP to map to the last name property in Alfresco

# The attribute on person objects in LDAP to map to the email property in Alfresco

# The attribute on person objects in LDAP to map to the organizational id  property in Alfresco

# The default home folder provider to use for people created via LDAP import

# The query to find group objects

# The search base to use to find group objects

# The attribute on LDAP group objects to map to the gid property in Alfrecso

# The group type in LDAP era groupOfNames

# The person type in LDAP

# The attribute in LDAP on group objects that defines the DN for its members

# The cron expression defining when people imports should take place   0 0 * * * ?

ldap.synchronisation.import.person.cron=0 0/2 * * * ?

# The cron expression defining when group imports should take place 0 30 * * * ? 0/2 * * * ?

# Should all groups be cleared out at import time?
# - this is safe as groups are not used in Alfresco for other things (unlike person objects which you should never clear out during an import)
# - setting this to true means old group definitions will be tidied up.

"uniqueMember" is the ldap attribute of the group object that defines the DN for its members.

Do anyone have the same problem ? Do anyone have a solution ?