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Upload Web script Sample Issue

Question asked by rockwolf125 on Sep 17, 2008
I am new at web scripts and am trying examples from the Alfresco developer's guide. Initially, I tried using the Upload Web Script example with FireFox 3 and it worked fine. But When I came to demonstrate it on another PC using IE as their default browser, I caught an "integrity violations". Here is what it says:

Found 1 integrity violations: Invalid property value: Node: workspace://SpacesStore/e8e7aa30-1e3c-490b-8073-f7a19bbe5fa4 Type: {}content Property: {}name Constraint: Value 'upload6_C:\barcode.pdf' matches regular expression: (.*[\"\*\\\>\<\?\/\:\|]+.*)|(.*[\.]?.*[\.]+$)|(.*[ ]+$)

It seems to me that it has something to do with the file  path not being a legal input. Has anyone figured a way to resolve this issue?

Additional note(9/17/2008 , 2:31 pm): It seems that I was using Alfresco Enterprise Network v2.1.2 (a 147). I tried doing the same with Alfresco Labs 3.0.0 (b 1164) and the script worked fine.