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OpenSearch and Google

Question asked by finner on Jun 20, 2007
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by javauser007
I'm currently looking at the search engine configuration and how to add remote repositories and I was wondering if it's possible to add Google, or Yahoo or any popular search engine into the mix on the OpenSearch list. The packaged example adds openTalk.
So I thought , what about Google then?

My web-api-config-custom.xml

  <!– register the proxy engine –>
            <engine label="Google"  proxy="google">

               <url type="application/rss+xml">

               <url type="application/atom+xml">




        <!–  URL of Search Engine proxy –>


I've obviously misunderstood the documentation on this.
Is it possible to search on Google (or other search engines) as well ? Has anyone done it?

Thanks in advance