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What can i do with alfresco?Is possible migrate from Porta

Question asked by oxxdi on Jun 20, 2007

I'm using Alfresco for two weeks in my company. It´s my first contact with an content management and i don´t  know what can i do to manage a web project. I have some question about it but i don´t know which is the first because, now, i have done a lot of things around alfresco.

I installed alfresco with tomcat and jboss,with oracle and mysql,i´ve test alfresco us admin , i've tried to test sdk ….

But i want to do something special with alfresco and i don´t know it´s possible.  Some question:

1.-Nowadays we have a web site which take images and other files from  oracle portal and we want to remove it and to migrate these images and files to alfresco. Is it possible????how can we do???.

2.- I have thought to access from the web site to the alfresco database but i think is not possible because alfresco not save the content in database,alfresco database for metadata,version,….and the pieces outside  are the content streams,no????.

Any suggestions? Could anybody help?.

thank you so much for your time and effort,