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Problems with LUCENE search

Question asked by fstnboy on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by fstnboy
Hi…  :roll:

I´ve got some problems with the LUCENE search….

I want to search below the current node for spaces with a specific aspect, so I do the next search:

+PATH:\"" + serviceRegistry.getNodeService().getPath(navigationBean.getCurrentNode().getNodeRef()).toPrefixString(serviceRegistry.getNamespaceService()) + "//*\""

I know there should be 1 item as a result of the search but it doesn´t return anything, so I did separated searches. First i searched just by ASPECT, it was ok, the node was returned, then I made a search only by PATH, the node wasn´t returned…  :?

In the spanish forum, told me to print the ISO-9075 codification (he told me that the node explorer uses this codification) of the node to be searched, so i did it and compared it with de default codification. This is what i got:

2008-09-17 17:07:02,214 INFO  [org.alfresco.web.bean.ResumenEjecutivoBean] /{}company_home/{}Asesoría_x0020_Jurídica/{}Procedimientos/{}Administrativos/{}Protección_x0020_de_x0020_datos/{}Prueba_x0020_PD

2008-09-17 17:07:02,245 INFO  [org.alfresco.web.bean.ResumenEjecutivoBean] /{}company_home/{}Asesoría Jurídica/{}Procedimientos/{}Administrativos/{}Protección de datos/{}Prueba PD

The first one is the default codification path, while the second one is the ISO-9075 codification. As you can see, in the first print the spaces are represented as '_x0020_'.

I´ve seen the database's charset and it is set to 'AL32UTF8' the ordinary and the national to 'AL16UTF16'.

¿What can I do?