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have a different Wizard Container than the default one

Question asked by amanjure on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2007 by amanjure
Hey Guys,
I am working on a Wizard which sort off looks different from how the default Alfresco containers setup a page.
I would like to have a  different container (than the one in /jsp/wizard/container.jsp) for my wizards but the default alfresco wizards should still keep using the container in /jsp/wizard/container.jsp.

currently I use in my web-client-custom.xml

      <!–  Adding a new Container –>
      <wizards><!– Article Wizard –>
         <wizard name="mywizards">

but this overides the default container and starts adding my container to the alfresco ones too.

Is it possible for me to define my own container .. just for my wizards?.. if yes.. how?

thanks in advance!