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Migrate from Drupal (or, MySQL)

Question asked by hbf on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2007 by hbf
Dear all,

I am using a Drupal CMS to manage documents and would like to migrate to Alfresco.

The data model is rather simple: Each Drupal entity ("node" in Drupal jargon) has

- an associated document (file),
- a set of associated categories (taxonomy terms in Drupal jargon) like "organization", "resource for journalists", "contact", etc.
- a text describing the document (synopsis, abstract)
- depending on the taxonomy some more information: for instance, every node that is tagged "contact" has the fields "email", "homepage", etc. If a node is also tagged "copyrighted" then it has an (additional) field "copyright holder". And so on.
- a workflow field, i.e., exactly one of the following states: draft, waiting for approval, publised.

This information is all stored (except for the files) in a MySQL database and I would like to programmatically migrate this to Alfresco. Assuming I have a fair amount of programming skills, is this possible? Can I programmatically replicate my content in Alfresco? Is there an API for it? Maybe in PHP?

I am a complete novice as far as Alfresco is concerned, so please excuse my ignorance. I have heard only good things about Alfesco and therefore, the system is the number-one candidate. But before dwelving into it, we have to know whether migration is going to be a blocker or not.

I am very curiously waiting for an answer, or maybe somebody can even share a migration experience!

Many thanks,