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Alfresco RM using 'intellegent'  COTS scanning sof

Question asked by netsyphon on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2007 by netsyphon
if we were to buy some scanning software, that had "hot-spots" defined for say, a seperator sheet*, that would capture various metadata and be saved to a webdav alfresco drive.  then a possible rule kicks off in this folder and extracts that metadata and somehow categorizes (or at least makes available for search) the document.

and if so does anyone have any insight as to whether boxed products could do something like this (omnipage, paperport etc)?  and if not, then do you know of any company that sells the scanning interface, but not the actual repository (we would like documents somehow stored in alfresco).

I think we will have over 12000 pages (~5000 documents) a month..

*Would be even cooler if that seperator sheet could also be used as a "new scanjob" seperator for batching with an automated document feeder.

PS - since the moment we saw this product we have been really impressed, and hope that we can leverage alfresco in our solution.