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Can we add a Bookmark kind of options?

Question asked by seraphon on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2008 by danovtx

After using Alfresco a little and doing a lot of test which demands me to change users often and navigate through a lot of space I figured that a bookmark option would help a lot.
By bookmark I m talking about maybe an option on the left with the My Home,Alfresco Home etc. with the name My favorite home where there would be links(shortcuts) to the space you visit the most. Just like in a bookmark you could add and delete such links.

So my question is, Is there a simple way, and by simple I mean a way that doesn't involve development (or not too much), to make such a bookmark page?
Where should I look at if I want to add an option in the left list?

I searched a bit in the wiki and in the forum but there is nothing that looks like it.