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how to make a custom action?

Question asked by seraphon on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2007 by rivetlogic

I know there are Wiki pages whose very subject is the same than my topic
I read those and I must say I still cant do it…

I tried first to follow CustomActionUi which looks great but I block at a fundemental level. Where do I put the java code??
From what I understood all the java classes are in some sort of library in the form of .jar but with all the wiki's and different method I m starting to mixing everything together and frankly I'm lost.

I first tried to do the custom action inside the alfresko SDK but if I build as a .jar I cant get it to work even though I do exactly what is said in the Deploying extensions. If I build so it goes directly inside alfresco.war well I* dont get a new alfresco.war but a .jar with alfresco.war inside???
So I abandoned it.

So sorry for the newb question, but can someone please tell me how to put an java file in a .jar and how to inject this .jar in wherever it must be injected?

If I put this topic in the wrong thread fell free to relocate it and sorry for the bother