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unable to save the document to alfresco (Office 2003)

Question asked by pare_g7 on Sep 19, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by nmcminn
I can see spaces of Alfresco Lab 3.0b from Office 2003, but I can't save a document to Alfresco.
the dialog said "unable to save the document to alfresco"

I install alfresco-recordsmanagement.amp and vti_module.amp in WAR file but this version have already installed.

47:58,123 ERROR [org.alfresco.module.vti.method.AbstractVtiMethod] put document
org.alfresco.module.vti.VtiException: The folder that would hold URL does not exist on the server.

Does anyone have succeeded to manage this ? :cry: