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Problem with Ascent Capture Release Script on ACIS

Question asked by larrys on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2009 by johan1974
We are running an Ascent Capture Internet Server environment. All batches are released from the server to the back end (currently an IBM CM for iSeries system).
I have the following installed on the server:
Ascent Capture 7.5 - Server
Ascent Capture Internet Server 7.5
MS .NET Framework v.2.0
MS WSE v.3.0
Kofax Release Script for Alfresco v.1.0.1
I have a batch class all setup that I am doing a software import from my desktop for testing purposes.
Everything through the Ascent Capture process looks good until I get to the release. Then I get the following message for every document in the batch: "Release Script returned -1. Your release script may need to be re-installed." I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and continue to get this message.
Has anybody else encountered this problem?