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Bad credentials presented

Question asked by buurd on Sep 19, 2008

I'm getting a error when I added search to a webscript and I can't figure out why. Bad credentials presented. Google have two refereses to this problem but none of the solutions have worked for me. What could be wrong?

A snipplet of the javacode that is affected.

                // get the instances we need for search
      ServiceRegistry serviceRegistery =  this.getServiceRegistry();
      logger.error("ServiceRegistry: " + serviceRegistery);
      SearchService searchService = serviceRegistery.getSearchService();
      logger.error("SearchService: " + searchService);
      // Set up searchParameters
      StoreRef storeRef = new StoreRef(StoreRef.PROTOCOL_WORKSPACE,
      logger.error("StoreRef_: " + storeRef);
      SearchParameters searchParameters = new SearchParameters();

      ResultSet resultSet = null;
      // Define the query
      // Run the query
         resultSet = searchService.query(searchParameters);
         logger.error("Search found resultSet: " + resultSet);
         for(ResultSetRow row: resultSet){
            NodeRef nodeRef = row.getNodeRef();
            logger.error("Found nodeRef: " + nodeRef.toString());
         if(resultSet != null)


The "desc.xml" for the search…

   <shortname>TK Search</shortname>
   <description>Search for dokuments</description>
   <format default="xml"/>

Thanks you in advance