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Question asked by stevereiner on Sep 19, 2008
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FlexSpaces+Browser is a RIA client for Alfresco that runs in browsers (FireFox, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc. with flash player).
FlexSpaces+AIR is a RIA client for Alfresco using Adobe AIR (with additional desktop drag/drop features).

Clients supported: FlexSpaces+Browser and FlexSpaces+AIR are supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Servers supported: Alfresco Enterprise Edition and Alfresco Labs/Community supported (2.1 - 3.x)


General Features:
    * Tree and single or dual folders views (doc lib and wcm)
    * Icon,Grid,Thumbnail and Coverflow view modes in doc lib, search, tasks, and wcm   
    * Drag/Drop/Cut/Copy/Paste with multiple selection (drag drop between dual folder views)   

    * Properties dialog, Upload multiple files dialog, download dialogs
    * Create Space dialog, Create content (html,xml, text) dialogs
    * Checkin, checkout, cancel checkout, edit, update existing
    * Make PDF, Make Flash Preview, viewing in tabs
    * Start Workflow, task dashboard, approve/reject
    * Advanced search (all web client features except for save search, custom attribute config)
    * Tag cloud and category tree search navigation, tags/categories view/edit dialog

    * Some XML configuration of menus, more configuration support in general coming

    * 5 page site Surf components are available for running views of FlexSpaces in Alfresco Share 3.0

AIR features
    * Native drag/drop/copy/paste of desktop files into doc mgt and wcm folders
    * Built-in local files view also with drag/drop into doc mgt / wcm folders
    * Making files (multiple selection) available offline, update from offline (single select)
    * Additional tab with built-in browser running Share 3.0 UI (or any web page)

Screenshots / Screencams
Share 3.0 Integration, Thumbnail View, CoverFlow View,  Advanced Search
Tagging, Categorization, WCM
General Features and AIR specific features
Additional Features:  Start workflow, Tasks dashboard tab, flash preview of office docs, dual pane drag/drop
Older Screenshots

Developer Features

FlexSpaces was developed with Adobe Flex 3 and ActionScript 3 on the clientside. ActionScript is now a more Java like and more object oriented JavaScript. Flex provides declarative layout in XML based MXML. (Also with Flex/Flash you don't have to worry about different browsers / different versions of browsers like you do with Ajax). FlexSpaces (+AIR and +Browser) source is available including FlexBulder3 project files. FlexSpaces can be customized, UI components and Cairngorm based events/cmds/delegates (non UI api)  from FlexSpaces can be used in other Flex applications.

On the serverside, a large library of RESTful JavaScript Web Scripts returning XML data was developed (source available). These web scripts can be used independently in any kind of application (Flex, Java, etc.) that can call REST apis.

License: GPL v3 (commercial also available)

FlexSpaces forge forum
Feature requests
Bug tracker

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