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WCM : Ready (for this) or not ?

Question asked by deas0815 on Sep 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2009 by deas0815
Hallo everybody,

I have the following requirements for a CMS based content driven website:

1. Multi language support
2. 3 Roles (editor, chief editor, administrator)
3. Inline editing  (edit/new/delete buttons/links directly on the web pages). I guess
In-Context review is a diffrent thing.

It is a low volume (6000 PI/week) website an there is roughly one person per role. I need
a system which is simple and easy to use for these people.

I am using alfresco already (mostly JCR) and I'm confident 1. and 2. are no problem.
Regarding 3. I guess this is not directly supported by WCM at this stage.

I would be happy if somebody could give me references or alternatives regarding WCM
and Inline editing.

I'm also a bit worried about complexity exposed to these users. I don't have a problem with complexity under
the hoods.

I guess maybe magnolia or typo3 are better suited to these requirements.  I would be happy if somebody
could show me I'm wrong and efforts to realize this system using WCM are not significantly larger.