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repository access?

Question asked by noah on Sep 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2008 by steventux
Hello community,

i will change .ftl file of a webscript. I read following text in Web Scripts Extensions folder.

Documentation on how to develop a Web Script may be found here.

Any part of a Web Script (i.e. its description, "execute" javascript, or "response" template) may be overridden. This is achieved by copying the original part to this extension folder. The folder within which the part lives must be replicated in this extension area too.

e.g. to override the html output of the "Keyword search" script…


/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts/org/alfresco/repository/keywordsearch.get.html.ftl


/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions/org/alfresco/repository/keywordsearch.get.html.ftl

Once copied, you can make your changes to the copy.

To ensure your override is registered, go to /alfresco/service/ and click on the "Refresh List of Web Scripts" button. The next invocation of the web script will include your override.

My problem: i dont see /Data Dictionary/Web Scripts/org/alfresco/repository/ folder. it exists only …org/alfresco/sample What can i do to get access to repository path?