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samba server and Alfresco CIFS server on same machine

Question asked by josefu on Jun 26, 2007

I have a Ubuntu Dapper with a samba server sharing some directories and a Alfresco Tomcat bundle.
I have read Changing Bind Addresses and Ports for Samba and FTP

All work fine, but the windows client machines doesn't resolve the netbios name of the samba server and the Alfresco cifs server.
If i create the LMHOSTS file in the windows machines with the two servers, all works perfect, but i have several machines and i want know if is possible resolve this without copy the LMHOSTS file in clients.

This is my alfresco.log (relevant smb protocol logs)

This is my file-servers.xml

<alfresco-config area="file-servers">

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CIFS Server">
      <host name="SERVER_A" domain="MSHOME"/>
      <comment>Alfresco CIFS Server</comment>

      <!– Set to the broadcast mask for the subnet –>

      <!– Use Java socket based NetBIOS over TCP/IP and native SMB on linux –>
      <tcpipSMB bindto="" platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>
    <!–  <netBIOSSMB platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/> –>
      <netBIOSSMB bindto="" platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>
      <hostAnnounce interval="5"/>

-       <bindto></bindto>
      <!– Use Win32 NetBIOS interface on Windows –>
      <Win32Announce interval="5"/>

      <sessionDebug flags="Negotiate,Socket"/>


and this is the part o smb.conf for binding the samba server to the other ip:

   workgroup = MSHOME

   netbios name = SERVER

   interfaces = eth0

   bind interfaces only = true

   socket address =


(Sorry for my bad english)