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Workflow triggering from freemarker template or js

Question asked by johnoct on Sep 22, 2008
I have a system that involves a few spaces and has a conditional approve/reject workflow which moves the documents between spaces. I'm currently working on putting a web front end on it using web scripts for the repository interaction. Is there a way that I can display the following things in a freemarker template 1) which actions are available for a document (depending on whether the document has been edited different actions will be available) 2) a link that will trigger the accept or reject.

Freemarker is my first choice for this because it will be easiest for building my UI. Alternatively if there is no freemarker approach, but there is a js api to do this then I could write custom scripts for each action.

I would like to avoid having to write java backed web scripts for this because it will be much more time consuming as I don't have a strong grasp of the java apis yet.

Thanks in advance!