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Unstable Alfresco installation

Question asked by sisao on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2008 by sisao
i just like to have your opinion on some issues i'm reporting with working on my Alfresco installation.
Using the trial enterprise version (on windows XP emulated with parallels on a MacOSX system), Oracle DB connected without a single problem.
I can run most of the SDK examples from Eclipse, except the one that need the conversion as i use Eclipse on my native os, while having AlFresco and Oracle running on the emulated XP, and i have problems with source folder linking etc.
I can use the web interface and handle the CR functionalities properly (all of them).

Problems occure when testing the SDK examples, i.e. trying to get FirstFoundationClient to run with the server stopped as stated on the SDK guide, and then trying to start AlFresco normally, to use the web interface. I got myself into problems that are obviously related to the DB as i'm now really familiar with all the common AlFresco property files and i'm quite sure it's not a java/tomcat/openoffice/DB Driver issue…i just have to delete my tablespace, create a new one, reinstall alfresco and start again….and use it until it gets corrupted again somehow. :-(

i dont even know what to paste in this topic to let you understand my problem better. i just think i'm not configuring the DB properly, even thoguh i've carefully followed wiki instructions and read a lot of topics here. i create a simple user (alfresco alfresco) over a classic tablespace, granting the user DBA, CONNECT and RESOURCE roles.

Any help appreciated as i need to have a develope suite working properly to test this CM,

best regards

Francesco C.

i'm now downloading a mac native oracle db and will try to avoid using parallels, but i cant see any reason of doin this :P