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Problem with JAAS configuration not working

Question asked by stk137 on Jun 26, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2007 by andy
How is JAAS supposed to be configured for a plain old JAAS login module (not Kerberos)?

I can't get it to work with my JAAS login module.  For simplicity's sake, I am also trying to get it working with the Sample login module from Sun's, but also with no success.  These modules are installed and configured in my JRE and I have successfully tested them with a simple console app.

I am starting with the sample jaas-authentication-context.xml
I edit the first bean to use my config name.

    <bean id="authenticationComponentImpl"            class="">
        <property name="realm">
        <property name="jaasConfigEntryName">

If I don't comment out the second bean I get an error, but I am guessing from seeing "ntlm" in the class name that I shouldn't use that second bean.

With both the Sample login module and my login module, Alfresco just says "Unable to login - unknown username/password."  Before I tried the Sample login module, I thought it was swallowing errors (and stdout), as nothing is logged, and the error message aren't mine.  Now I am not even sure if it's trying JAAS at all.

So how do you get Alfresco to use a JAAS login module?