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WCM vs DM Content Modelling

Question asked by mbrevoort on Sep 23, 2008
I'm considering Alfresco for a new content driven website.  I plan to use Alfresco as a back-end content store and create a delivery application outside of Alfresco but interfacing with Alfresco exclusively via Web Scripts.  The majority of the content entry and management will be via the Alfresco Web Client.

My content will be heavy on relationships and classification/tagging.  It may also be commented on, rated and linked to other content by end users. 

After combing the forum tonight, I realized that WCM modelling with Xforms is different than DM/straight Alfresco content modelling.  I've also seen various comments regarding some 'things' not available via the Xforms modelling.  I am still confused. 

Given my high level scenario, what would be the benefits of using WCM vs DM modelling, and vice versa?

I've tried my best to find this info in the wiki and in the forums but I'm still a little bit confused.  Any help is surely appreciated.