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rebuild indexes Alfresco 1.2

Question asked by josefu on Jun 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2007 by josefu
Hi, i have a production Alfresco installation based on Alfresco 1.2 (with MySQL) in a Ubuntu Dapper box.

My problems is that i can't login in webclient with a valid user account.
I have read that is a problem with the lucens-indexes in the alf_data dir and the database data.
I have deleted the lucens-indexes dir in the alf_data dir and i have activated the reindex with this:


I have wrote this line in more files for probing:


but i don't read the reindex action in logs and still i can't login.

What are the steps for reindex the content in Alfresco 1.2?

(sorry for my bad english)