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Multi-tenancy with WCM

Question asked by danilo.barone on Sep 23, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2009 by uzi
Good morning to all,
I'm testing Multi-tenancy on Alfresco LAB 3A.
This is my situation:
I have a "universal admin" called admin (pwd=admin)
I created 2 tenant (tenantdom1 and tenantdom2) so I have 2 "tenant admin" (admin@tenantdom1 and admin@tenantdom2)
If I log in as admin@tenantdom1 I don't find the space called "Web project" and i cannot create a Web Project using the wizard.
If I log in as admin (pwd=admin) I find the space called "Web project" and so i can create a web project.

So these are my questions:
Is this situation normal?
How can I create a web project in a single tenant?
If I create a web project logged as "universal admin" how can tenant users access this?
I read in the wiki page ( this:

Not Implemented

The following are not supported/implemented/tested in a multi-tenant environment.
    Alfresco Share
    WCM / AVM

Is this true? I cannot use multi-tenant on WCM?

Thanks to all.
I hope you reply soon. :)